After Black Woman is Brutally Attacked by Dallas Neo-Nazi, Rapper T.I. Poses The Question: Where are black men in the fight for black women?

In his three minute long live video, T.I. indirectly poses the question to “so-called [black] ganstas” Where are black men in the fight against black women. 

Racist Mom’s Attempted Assault Against African American Grocery Store Patrons Gets Her Fired From School District

In a vile, disgusting, and uninhibited racist tirade, Corrine Terrone, Hamden Public Schools employee revealed what is likely her truest self.  The event took place in an East Haven supermarket, when Terrone went on what appears to be at least a minute and a half long racist rant in which in front of her two young daughters she taunts an African American woman and man.  In the video which was posted on several social media outlets last week, Terrone is seen shamelessly firing the N-word.